BUSTAGRAM Nodeknockout 2019 Entry by Mustardamus

Please use Chrome or Chromium on desktop and mobile, to test this app.

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What's it doing?

With BustaGram you can easily create silent-movie-like clips.

First you can select the camera with which you want to film a scene. If you try it out with your phone it's usually the front- and back-camera.

Next you can create a seperator screen with a custom message and some nice border - typically for old silence-movies. This is totally optional, you could also just film multiple scenes and have them run after each other.

After you've filmed all your scenes and created the seperator screens, you already will see a preview of your silent-movie. It's truly silent right now, but you can select some music to spice it up. Again, that's optional.

Everything until here happened in the browser only. Now it's time to let the server do it's magic and generate a video file with all your scenes, message screens and the music.

You'll receive a direct link to the video file, so you could download it and share it however. Or use the Twitter & Facebook links to share it directly on these platforms.

What does it look like?

You probably wonder what other people have created with this app, so do I! There is a very simple page to display all movies. But beware, it'll probably load slow if enough people have tried out BustaGram.